Coming soon: A reprieve from the long-distance insanity!


He's such a catch!

Ok, so I have already talked a bit about my Awesome Boyfriend. Here is something really exciting though, so exciting I can barely contain my twitching, I get to see him in T-minus Five Days! I haven’t seen him since Christmas, when I waved goodbye at the airport, and I cried all over his awesome thrift-store cashmere sweater. So that was almost three months ago! It is so unbelievably hard to be separated like this — over 6000 miles apart — for such a long time. And it’s not over yet, we have until August to go. I mean, we did it before, on our last seaphase, which was seven months, and saw each other in the middle of that for a brief vacation, and it all worked out ok, and I’m sure it will this time, too…. but oh, it is just so crappy! For me the issue is not trust, I trust my guy with all my heart, and that is such a fantastic feeling — it is just the frustration of the lack of communication. For normal people, even when they are apart, they have constant access to internet, cell reception, and are rarely more than an arm’s length from a landline whenever they feel the need to pick it up and hear their love’s voice. For us – oh no! We are both out at sea, with internet that is sketchy at best, intermittent, Russian roulette cell reception, and only the Fleet Grapevine in between. MSN — I apologize to all you MSN lovers out there, but I just freaking hate MSN. It is a breeding ground for misunderstandings. At least when you are writing an email, you have time to consider its contents, time to read it over and make sure you have exactly the right nuances, etc… whereas with MSN, it just comes out however it comes out, and gets interpreted whichever way seems right, which is often wrong. What they really need is a sarcasm emoticon. No, seriously, it is a problem. Anyways, all this crap aside, I have a hot and wonderful man that I get to see in five days, and I am EXCITED! And this kind of ties into my whole girly quest thing here, because I find myself fantasizing about getting a haircut, waxing my legs, etc before seeing him… for myself of course! Well, ok, also for him — but seriously, three months now on a ship, surrounded by men, without even a hairdryer at my disposal, I am ready for some TLC. I am dying to feel like a girl again! Unfortunately I think the spa services in the logging/fishing town of Port Hardy where we’re tying up will be woefully inadequate, but anything will feel great at this point. I mean, I know he would love me and think I was hot even if I showed up at the airport in a potato sack (he did, after all, fall in love with me while I was still deeply entrenched in my Ugly Men’s Vintage Clothing phase) but I really just want to look – and more importantly – feel, great.

Tick, tick, tick, tick……




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