Muay Thai This!


Hi there, well, it’s been literally ages since I added anything to this particular blog, but I feel like this train of thought belongs on this rail rather than my new Newfoundland blog. So yeah — being a twentysomething couple moving to a brand new place, one of the things we have noticed is that it is really NOT EASY to make friends at this age. Since we don’t have kids yet, we don’t have the benefit of the ‘instant social circle’ based on the soccer practices and school plays and all that; and although St. John’s has a legendary night life, I feel too old for the whole hipster bar scene. Makes me yearn a bit for that ten-year-old ability to brazenly walk up to anybody and say, “HI. WANNA BE MY FRIEND?” And that was it you had a new friend.

So anyways, in order to try and make some new friends, and fulfill a lifelong dream of being Jackie Chan, I bought a Groupon for Thai Kick Boxing. And it is freaking awesome. I have only been to three classes (going again tonight!!) And I love it. I am hooked! There is something incredibly, appallingly satisfying about kicking, punching, kneeing, or elbowing the bag with everything you’ve got. Over, and over, and over again! It is an incredible workout. After every class, I am sore for days, but feel fantastic. And it is FUN! A two-hour class breezes by in no time.

My instructor is the coolest. She is a total enigma – mother, sewing store employee, loves baking, and is a Muay Thai fighter. If I could ever be as accepting of my own anachronisms, I would have it made. I have to restrain myself from going up to her and saying, “HI. WANNA BE MY FRIEND?” It’s unfortunate that building adult friendships is such a more delicate and complicated dance. One I have never really been good at.

Where do you make friends when you are 27, and your entire workplace consists of aging men? Help me out here, people!


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