Recipe for a fabulous concoction – Gourmet Pizza Buns


Ok, so I don’t normally foray into recipe territory, since it’s really better off left to the Betty Crockers out there. I am a haphazard cook, at best, but sometimes, I really luck out and come up with something fabulous. Last night was one of these aforementioned times. Pizza Buns, people! My boyfriend actually said it was the best thing I ever made! So I am going to share this one.


Her20111222-102307.jpge’s how to make them:

Make pizza dough. If you don’t already know how, or are intimidated by yeast, as I used to be, check out and they have some tremendous suggestions.

Sautee in a pan:

-Red onion (do this one first — until it’s nicely caramelized…. take it out and then put in the other stuff)

-Portobello mushrooms

-A handful of pre-soaked, chopped sundried tomatoes

-Red peppers

-Spinach (put it in at the last minute, until it just gets wilty)

Smear some tomato paste on your dough (I divided mine into two batches) which has been stretched into a long rectangle. Cover with your veggies. Crumble goat cheese (I used a bruschetta chevre – it was wicked) and a bit of old fashioned shredded mozza just to hold it all together. Roll it up in a long tube and then cut into rolls, cinnamon bun style. Bake in a greased pan at 350 for about half an hour, or until it’s done. Flip over onto a plate – voila!

If you try it – let me know how it turned out!



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